Meet Kobametal, the Mysterious Mastermind Behind Babymetal

One listen to Babymetal (try "Gimme Chocolate" or "Megitsune") and it's almost unfathomable who would've thought to swirl teen-pop melodies together with Slayer-esque production. But Kobametal, the man behind this internationally famous Japanese group, is just as mystifying as the band itself.

Fuse visited Tokyo for Babymetal's biggest headlining show to date, meeting the mastermind behind the teenage trio in the process. The elusive exec only appears in public with his trademark full-body skeleton costume. Quizzed about the band's origins and goals, Kobametal again and again evoked a mysterious deity he calls "the Fox God."

Fuse, with the help of an intrepid translator, got to know Kobametal in his own fascinating words. Check out our chat here, and don't miss the chance to get to know Babymetal singer Su-metal in another exclusive Fuse interview.