February 23, 2015


Looks Like the Chris Brown/Drake Beef Isn't Over

About six months ago, Chris Brown and Drake publicly squashed their beef, teaming up on a skit for the 2014 ESPY Awards. Breezy then went on TV to talk about his admiration for Drake, but good things never last. Chris has now fired shots at the rapper/singer during two different radio appearance promoting his upcoming joint album with Tyga, Fan of a Fan.

In a chat with the Breakfast Club (video above), Brown denied being friends with Drake (saying, "Nah, I'm cool") and commented on seemingly friendly photos of the two in the studio. "That dude don’t make me no check," Brown said. "I didn't make no record with him. He was just in the studio. He was a fan." (Really going there!)

Brown also brought up ex-girlfriend Rihanna and commented on her rumored relationship with Drake following the couple's violence-addled breakup. "With old girl—the first one—who else is she gonna go to?" he asked. "Who else in this game she gonna go to? Some corny singing rapper?"

Plus, in a candid talk with Hot 97 (below), Brown said that he wanted to stop talking about Drake altogether because it's only making Drizzy more famous. "I can't keep making these motherf*ckers famous," he said. "I'm responsible for a lot of reviving of careers. When I keep talking about somebody, I'm just making them hot." Chris later did a rather unflattering impression of Drake. Hopefully bottles don't start getting thrown and smashed in clubs again. No brawl zone, please!

While Chris and Drake might have a few things to clearly work out, keep the positive vibes up and check out the following male musicians who do get along below in our gallery of music's greatest bromances.