April 23, 2015


Azealia Banks is Dating the Hot Alt Guy From 'Bring It On'

@azealiabanks on Instagram
@azealiabanks on Instagram

Prepare to meet your new favorite couple! Seriously, move over Robert Pattinson (or how he's referred to by many, 'that vampire guy') and FKA TwigsAzealia Banks is coming for ya...in more ways than one.

When the outspoken and politically charged rapper isn't covering Playboy, dubbing Iggy Azalea "Igloo Australia," and claiming to be the "best bitch in the rap game," she's dating an actor who might look a little familiar to you.

Nylon reports that Banks is in a relationship with none other than Jesse Bradford. You might remember him as the hot, alternative, misunderstood babe in Bring It On. He also starred in Clockstoppers and Swimfam. He also has a beautiful face that Banks is lucky enough to get to kiss on the reg.

What do you think of the couple? Dream team? Too strange? Let us know in the comments!