April 7, 2015


Listen to The Early November's Favorite Song Off New LP, "Circulation"

Of all the bands veteran to the Warped Tour circuit, The Early November stand out for their dedication to exploring new sounds. "Hair" sounded nothing like The Room's Too Cold, which sounds nothing like their latest single, "Narrow Mouth." Today Fuse is happy to keep the experimentation going with the five-minute somber tune "Circulation," the band's favorite track off their Imbue album—coming out May 12.

The song begins with a plucky riff that could sit on any popular indie rock record of the last few years, bringing to mind Cursive or Death Cab for Cutie. But TEN up the intensity when Ace Enders' vocals kick in with breathy ferocity; it's like he's screaming when he's talking. The band is working through some heavy stuff with this impressive second single—it would be wise to take note.

"'Circulation' was written on a flight from Philly to San Francisco to start a tour," Enders tells Fuse, before cryptically adding,  "Lyrically I couldn't get the idea of being misjudged so badly that you're trapped in the though of what other people think of you. Or I just felt claustrophobic on the flight."

Listen to "Circulation" above and then take a trip back in time with our exclusive interview with the band post-hiatus right here.