ATLANTA, GA - MAY 08: Jesse Lacey of Brand New performs during day 1 of the 3rd Annual Shaky Knees Music Festival at Atlanta
Chris McKay/Getty Images

In April the world was blessed with "Mene," the first new Brand New song in six years. The Long Island band have been so quiet for so long and it's about time something's gotta give, right? Right.

Frontman Jesse Lacey sat down with Spanish magazine Rockzone and shared that new BN music, like, in the form of an actual EP or LP will arrive later this year. Eeeeee! 

Alternative Press has shared a rough translation of Lacey's comments,

"Yes, I have no problem talking about this with you. You're the first person with whom I have an interview in a while. We have a new album to get. There is no secret. The thing is that it is not ready, so to speak. Hopefully it out this year, at least that is our aim. We do not know whether it will be an EP of seven songs or so, or the traditional LP of 14 songs. We have many songs that we've been working, but hey, I guess sometimes you have to face what you have steeping a little, as I said before. Is something that we have to adapt, one day seems that we will get and the next we were a little farther out."

Watch the band perform "Mene" over here, then peep our guide to the emo revival here.