June 25, 2015


The Game and Drake's "100" Is a Soulful, Six-Minute Smash

Getty Images
Getty Images

Aubrey Drake Graham's still not in the business of delivering less-than-great rap verses. But this almost-six-minute collaboration with the Game, simply titled "100"—after everyone's favorite emoji/after Drake's GRAMMY-nominated single "0 to 100/The Catch Up"—is more than just a guest appearance. It's an all-out piece of art, with the two crafting a way-above-average experience that spans almost six minutes.

Game references Drake's late 2014 scuffle with Diddy, saying he'll give bulletproof vests to Drizzy and the whole OVO crew. Drake's rapping at length about how tired he is of everyone else's rap efforts, and how "y'all better not come to my studio with that fake shit."

Don't let Drake's hazy, laid-back flow on the Cardo and Johnny Juliano-made beat fool you—he's got essential new bars here:

I would have so many friends if I didn't have money, respect and accomplishments
I would have so many friends if I held back the truth and I just gave out compliments
I would have all of your fans if I didn't go pop and I stayed on some conscious shit
I would so many more friends if I lost my success and my confidence

How long till Views from the 6? How long till Game's Documentary 2?