June 26, 2015


Is This Meek Mill's First Super-Smash? Hear the Nicki-Featuring Single

Philadelphia volcano-rapper Meek Mill's Dreams Worth More Than Money is due next week; it features everyone you love. Today we've got lead single "All Eyes on You," featuring Meek's fiancé-then-not-fiancé-but-still-girlfriend Nicki Minaj

Chris Brown handles the hook; Meek Mill's still rapping like a guy who has his own well-populated Twitter hashtag about how hard he raps. Nicki swoops in to confirm that yes, she's here to rap about her relationship with the artist whose name is on this track. (Also: "he duck-duckin' them gooses." Whatever's happening there: YES.)

Meek had a medium-sized hit with 2012's Drake-featuring superbomb "Amen," and of course the mixtape master has had rap cred for more than five years. But "All Eyes on You" has both the firepower and the catchiness to become a huge single this summer. Let's wait, hope and see.

Meek is also playing support on Nicki Minaj's Pinkprint Tour, kicking off its North American run on July 17 in Dallas, Texas, just 274 miles from the historic Alamo. We can't wait for it.