June 30, 2015


Former Panic! at the Disco Guitarist Ryan Ross Is Recording New Music

@thisistherealryanross on Instagram
@thisistherealryanross on Instagram

There was a point in the mid-aughts where Panic! at the Disco ruled the land. Need we remind you that these dramatic gents landed a Rolling Stone cover story before their Fall Out Boy buddies? Yup; happened. Within the band, the most popular dynamic was found between frontmen Brendon Urie and Ryan Ross.

Fast forward a few years and after a period of inactivity, P!ATD would reform sans-Ross. Fans of the guy finally have something to get excited about: He's in the studio!

It might not be the Panic story you want to hear, but it's a pretty good tale nonetheless. Ross posed a picture of himself in studio (see above) and replied to a series of comments from fans like, "I'm writing with a new band," "Working on good songs for y'all," "It's rock and roll," "It's spooky," and "I promise we will have a single before Halloween." Click here for more.

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