September 10, 2015


One Direction Aren't About to Drop New Album Despite Convincing Rumors

Kevin Mazur/WireImage
Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Update (9/10): Sony Music tells Fuse that the information about One Direction's new album dropping this week is "not correct." 

This probably comes as good news to those Directioners who wanted to participate in #GiftTheFifth, the adorable campaign where fans buy 1D's next album for those who can't afford it. See the wild ride Directioners were taken on when they thought the boys were surprise-dropping their upcoming LP.

Original Story (9/10): Directioners, you may want to sit down—and make sure you have some cash lying around. A few unofficial sources are saying the new One Direction album may come as early as today. As in, within the next 24 hours. We'll explain our potential excitement with the following GIFs herehere and here.

Here are the details: If you can believe Walmart's customer service or Siri on your iPhone, the LP (which, mind you, doesn't even have a confirmed title or artwork yet) will be dropping sometime either on September 10 or 11. Fans began noticing that if you ask Siri when the 1D record will drop, she'll give you this response:

This is notable because if you ask questions like "When will Avicii's Stories album be released?" or "When will Lana Del Rey's Honeymoon be released?"—two albums with longtime confirmed release dates—Siri shows you Google results instead of an actual date. Hmmm!

Along with that, Directioners have been stalking the employees at Walmart asking them when the album comes out. Two different sources have said the album comes out on Friday as heard by this recorded, customer service call:

And this tumblr user:

So, really, we have no confirmation whether or not this is actually happening, but it wouldn't be totally shocking that the group would surprise release their new album. They already unexpectedly released their comeback single "Drag Me Down," so it would fall in line with the release strategy to date. 

Fuse has reached out One Direction's camp for clarity on the situation. Stay tuned for more.