October 15, 2015


The Top 10 Nintendo Game Soundtracks Ever

Rare; Square Enix; Nintendo; Capcom
Rare; Square Enix; Nintendo; Capcom

One of the reasons the Nintendo Entertainment System (lovingly called NES) remains so highly regarded and so affectionately nostalgic is the music. In the early 1980’s, music composition for Nintendo games was rather limited – but those production hindrances also helped make the music for these games so special. The 8-bit limitations caused NES game music to rely heavily on catchy melodies, most of which is still immediately recognizable three decades later. The NES 8-bit music is so influential that it has even inspired a contemporary form of music "chiptune" with its superstar acts including the likes of ANAMANAGUCHI and Sabreplus.

Here are our picks for the Top 10 NES Game Soundtracks. The countdown takes into account the diversity of tracks in the game, how infectious melodies were/are, and of course how the soundtrack made each game that much better. If you have a game that didn’t make our countdown, let us know in the comments. Cool? Let’s blow the dust off this bad boy!

#1'The Legend Of Zelda' (1986)

Composer: Koji Kondo

The Legend of Zelda ranks as our number 1 NES soundtrack of all time. The first in the series, The Legend Of Zelda features one of the most indelible melodies in video game history: the over world theme. This theme has become synonymous with the Zelda franchise. The melody is so infectious and recognizable that every iteration of the Zelda series since the original has had an updated version of this theme. Without this stellar piece of 8-bit music, The Legend Of Zelda would not be one of the most beloved franchises in gaming.

Listen to the Legend of Zelda Soundtrack

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