October 26, 2015


'Digimon' Movie Preview: Watch the First 5 Minutes

In May we told you how Digimon was coming back via a six-part film series titled Digimon Adventures tri coming this November. After months without news, we now have the first five minutes of the movie!

The preview was revealed via what looks like a streaming fan event in Japan and offers an intriguing spoiler for the flick's opening. Note that it's in Japanese, where the film will likely first premiere before it makes its English-language stateside debut. Read for a few spoilers too.

We get to see what looks like a grown-up version of Taichi Yagami—a.k.a. Tai, the star of Season 1's Digimon TV show back in 1999—who, of course, is in a rush trying to leave the house. We also get glimpses of what looks like some other Season 1 characters like Joe Kido.

There's no actual Digimon shown here, but there appears to be an evil alien force terrorizing Tai's city that we're sure will play an important part later in the film. 

Digimon Adventures tri. doesn't premiere until November 21, but now with the trailer and the first minutes revealed, consider ourselves growing more and more impatient.