October 12, 2015


Brand New's Reunion "Isn't Going To Last Much Longer," Says Jesse Lacey

Gary Miller/FilmMagic
Gary Miller/FilmMagic

Bad news for emo fansBrand New frontman Jesse Lacey has confirmed that the band's current reunion has (almost maybe?) run its course.

On Sunday night (Oct. 11) at a gig in Nashville, Tenn., Lacey told the audience, “Being in a room like this is really special. Personally, I don’t feel adequate, or worth it, playing on this stage. But, I know that [bassist] Garrett [Tierney] and [guitarist] Vinnie [Accardi] and [drummer] Brian [Lane] are absolutely worth it.”

At one point, he actually declared, "This isn't going to last much longer." "This" includes a live run with stops at Coachella and Lollapalooza this year, although Brand New has not released a new album since 2009's Daisy

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