March 26, 2016


Watch Babymetal's Explosive New Video for 'The One'

We're nearing the drop of Babymetal's hotly anticipated full-length, Metal Resistance, and the shred-savvy trio have released a new video that highlights the most explosive aspects of their live show.

For "The One," Babymetal opted to keep things as true-to-life as possible: The seven-minute clip is cut from scenes from their concerts, and the song—which has lyrics in both Japanese and English—is just as epic and grand as their intense live experience. Here, Suzuka Nakamoto (a/k/a Su-metal), Yui Mizuno (Yuimetal) and Moa Kikuchi (Moametal) don dark, sequined robes and sing from a triangular pendulum that swings out over a huge crowd. This footage is flanked by images of the girls raising fists and rocking out at other points in their performance, their steadily soaring vocals anchoring the whole production.

Babymetal's Metal Resistance is set for an April 1 release. The video for "The One" follows that of "KARATE," the surreal, adrenaline-pumping single off the album. "The One" is less about rapid-fire guitar licks and choreography and more about Babymetal's ability to slow things down for a serious banger, but it's another listen that's worthy of repeating in the days leading up to Metal Resistance's debut.