March 26, 2016


El-P and Killer Mike Pay Respect to Phife Dawg During Beats 1 Radio Show

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images
Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Earlier this week Phife Dawg of A Tribe Called Quest passed away at 45 years of age.

Since his death, memories and kinds words have come from all corners the hip-hop world, from Talib Kweli to Questlove. There was even a local news weatherman that worked in a tribute of his own with a surprising degree of success.

Today, Killer Mike and El-P of Run the Jewels added their names to the list of those paying respect to one of hip-hop's founding fathers.

On their Beats 1 radio show, the duo both expressed love and memories of the influence that Phife Dawg and Tribe had over them as they developed into hip hop heads.

From El-P:

"Everybody knows what he's done for music. Everybody grew up feeling like this guy was someone you wanted to know, and that he represented something for us that was even sort of innocent, in a way. So I'm sorry we're taking this somber moment here but somber moments are deserved sometimes, I'd just like to say thank you Phife for inspiring me."

And Killer Mike added:

"He is, not was, but is a constant inspiration to me, on just how to be a cool motherfucker and drop dope-ass rhymes and how to be the best presentation of what a group of people who don't rap with each others' style should be. You guys were on the short list of people we wanted to emulate as a group."

R.I.P. Phife. Thanks for everything. You can listen to the segment in its entirety below.