March 10, 2016


See a Trailer for 'Pokémon Co-Master,' One of Nintendo's First Mobile Games

Back in October, we heard Nintendo was finally entering the mobile game market, with plans to have roughly five titles available by March 2017.

Now we know one of the first will be Pokémon Co-Master, a free game which will arrive in Japan on Android and iOS this spring. Polygon writes that Co-Master "pairs collectible virtual Pokémon figurines and established Pokémon mechanics with a strategy board game in the vein of Japanese chess game shogi or Chinese board game Go."

Check out the trailer up top. This thing's gonna have sweet graphics and possibly even sweeter guitar solos.

Previously announced was Pokémon Go, which involves catching pocket monsters in real-life locations. While we're on the topic, do you know which starter Pokémon is right for you? Not a question you should live without knowing the answer to!

In celebration of Nintendo's 30th anniversary last fall, cosplayers at New York Comic Con reflected on their favorite Nintendo games and memories: