April 21, 2016


Chris Brown Drops New Track 'Shut Down' Ft. OHB: Listen Here

Between episodes of saying nasty, hurtful things about vulnerable people, and serving a jail sentence for assaulting his then girlfriend Rihanna in 2009, it's easy to lose sight of the fact that Chris Brown is a talented performer. We were given a little glimmer of that talent on Wednesday night (April 20), when the R&B singer released a new auto-tune-inflected track called "Shut Down." Listen to it above. 

The song, which Breezy tweeted out to his fans on Wednesday night, features some vocal dervishes from members of his OHB crew. 

Brown also features alongside Rick Ross on Meek Mill's newest track "Trust Me," which the rapper previewed on his Instagram account on Tuesday evening (April 19). The embattled singer/dancer, who's fallen afoul of just about everyone in the music industry for completely justified reasons, is now trying to give the public a window into his experience: Welcome to My Life, a new documentary all about Brown's incarceration and public image, is slated to release soon.