May 21, 2016


'Captain America: Civil War' Has Officially Raked In $1 Billion, Breaks More Records

Marvel Studios
Marvel Studios

It's been two weeks since Captain America, Iron Man and the rest of the Avengers wreaked havoc upon the screens of your favorite movie theater during its hugely successful opening weekend, but the superhero smash shows no signs of slowing down. The numbers are in, and Captain America: Civil War has officially earned over $1 billion at the box office.

This makes the latest Marvel movie the most popular release of 2016 to date, as it's the first to past the billion point so far this year. It's also only the twenty-fifth movie ever to break a bil, and the film joins its pals in the Avengers franchise, as The Avengers, Avengers: Age of Ultron and Iron Man 3 all raked in more than a billion during their time in theaters as well.

That's quite a feat, seeing as it's been a whopping 24 days since Civil War hit theaters. Given how ambitious the next few years look on the Marvel front with films in development, it's safe to assume that the next films to come out of the comic franchise are sure to blast off at the box office with similar numbers as well.

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