June 23, 2016


Azealia Banks Sings in Portuguese on Gorgeous Bossa Nova Cover 'Chega De Saudade'

When she's not terrorizing the internet/worldAzealia Banks actually takes the time to make legitimately great music. Her latest offering comes as a surprise, since it's a cover of a bossa nova classic.

Banks sets her firestorm rapping aside to showcase her emotive vocals on “Chega De Saudade,” most famously sung by João Gilberto in 1959. The release was captioned with "The end of my sadness" on Soundcloud, which (aside from this apology) is one of the most vulnerable moments she has displayed in her career thus far.

The cover is the first taste of new music since the rapper's Slay-Z mixtape released earlier this spring. Listen to an episode of Fuse's Back of the Class below, where we discuss Banks' viscious commentary on Iggy Azalea: