June 3, 2016


Brand New's Jesse Lacey: 'We're Not Breaking Up'

Yesterday we reported that beloved Long Island emo heavyweights Brand New were going to break up...in 2018. It seemed that way: the band released a shirt with the designation "2000 - 2018," referring to their beginnings and probable death. Last night while performing in Vancouver, frontman Jesse Lacey put those rumors to rest. He addressed the crowd:

"...Music anymore, so blame Spotify. That's not true. We're not breaking up. We're just not going to play for anyone else anymore, we're just going to play for ourselves. Thanks very much for being here."

Watch the clip above. While the first half of the first sentence is cut-off, it's probably safe to assume it was a comment about the current state of the music industry.

So what does that mean? Could 2018 be the date of their last full-length? Perhaps when he says "We're just going to play for ourselves," he does mean the band is going to continue...just privately, as some non-touring entity. We'll have to wait and see!

In the meantime, flip through our complete guide to the band's forthcoming LP and listen to their latest single, "I Am a Nightmare," below.