June 2, 2016


Brand New Will Break Up in 2018: Report

via brandnew.merchdirect.com
via brandnew.merchdirect.com

The story of Brand New's hiatus and return has been a quiet, confusing one. In April of last year, the beloved emo band played a new song live in Denver, only to release it later that week. It's called "Mene," and it was their first new track in six years. Frontman Jesse Lacey and crew want on to promise a new record, later stating that this reunion of sorts wasn't going to last. We're still supposed to get a new full-length, and the band has released another new track, "I Am a Nightmare," but Lacey was right the first time around: this isn't going to last.

...or so it seems. 

Today the band posted pictures of new merchandise including a shirt with the designation "2000 - 2018," referring to the band's birth and probable death. Perhaps the conspiracy theorists were right all along. Let's enjoy the next two years, eh?

As Lacey sings in "Soco Amaretto Lime," it looks like they're gonna stay 18 forever.

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