July 26, 2016


Song Premiere: Hear Anthony Green's New Single 'From What I Understand'

Gaelle Beri/Redferns via Getty Images
Gaelle Beri/Redferns via Getty Images

Anthony Green has released several albums as a solo artist, as the frontman of Circa Survive and with the recently revived Saosin, but it's been a minute since his last. Pixie Queen (out Sept. 9) will be his first solo record since he dropped Young Legs in 2013, the year before Circa Survive released Descensus

Today, Fuse is happy to exclusively premiere "From What I Understand," Pixie Queen's second single. Listen to Green's acoustic, pleading, raw song below:

Green tells Fuse the song's inspiration was his relationship with his wife, Meredith, and their life since becoming parents:

“This song represents a time when in our relationship where we fought a lot and these moments in time didn’t feel good. It was difficult for us to spend any quality time together and having three kids, we were tired all the time. You go through these phases where you don’t see like yourself anymore.”

The 11-song Pixie Queenwhich you can pre-order here—is about the complexities of love, not simply the thrill of it. Green says:

“These songs aren’t just about how my wife and I love each other. They’re about how we hate each other sometimes. We don’t just help each other grow; we’ve held each other back. Love is not one thing all the time. It’s beautiful and it’s wild and it’s free and it’s hard. There’s all these peaks and valleys. It can be creative or destructive. But the only way you’ll ever feel anything remotely like the fairy tale ideas of love is by getting through the suffering.”

Check out the video for the debut Pixie Queen single "You'll Be Fine" on YouTube, and watch an old-school Fuse interview about Anthony Green's solo career:

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