July 30, 2016


The 12 Most Radiohead Things at Lollapalooza Friday

Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images
Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

Radiohead’s headlining set at Lollapalooza 2016 on Friday struck an impressive, mostly mellow note, blending songs from new album A Moon Shaped Pool with classics from OK Computer, Hail To The Thief and on and on (though no “Creep” despite fan chanting). No paranoid androids were spotted among the crowd, but here are the 12 things most Radiohead-esque that did happen during the English band’s big Chicago gig.

1. The ominous pink cloud that squatted over the thousands of swaying fans at the Samsung stage as soon as Radiohead lunged into 1997’s “No Surprises.”

2. Eight instances of frontman Thom Yorke fervently bantering with the crowd with made-up words that sounded like a combination of English and Martian.

3. The shaved-head woman with the face tats and the 11-inch fingernails studded with fake flowers.

4. The ice-cream balloons slipping away into the sky during 2003’s “2+2=5.”

5. The couple awkwardly making out in the platinum viewing area while Yorke warbled through the new track “Identikit.”

6. Random raindrops spitting down with the spooky ballooning bass of “The Gloaming” right after sunset.

7. The middle-aged twosome ballroom dancing at the front rail during “Let Down” despite the woman complaining that “OK Computer doesn’t flow as well as Pablo Honey.”

8. The sign-language woman’s broken-robot interpretive dance while trying to keep up with the off-kilter time signatures of songs from 2011’s King Of Limbs.

9. The sullen girl with the rams horns and a hula hoop pouting on a curb.

10. The dad begging his green-mohawked seven-year-old doing the potty dance to hold it for “a minute” and then both of them watching the band transfixed for 10 songs.

11. The almost a cappella singalong to the end of “Karma Police” ringing out over the park to end the night.

12. Thom Yorke’s parting comment: “Have a good rest of your weekend: don’t mix your drugs.”