September 9, 2016


Mel B Jokes About Spice Girls Reunion: 'The Other Two B-tches Didn’t Want to Do It'

Back in July we learned that the Spice Girls would in fact reunite for their 20th anniversary—but as a trio called GEM. Mel B, Emma Bunton and Geri Halliwell are in, while Mel C and Victoria Beckham will continue spicing up their own lives in whatever manner they see fit.

Mel B hit The Late Late Show with James Corden on Thursday night to explain:

"The other two bitches didn't want to do it [laughs]. Let me correct that: My other two fellow lovely ladies, you know, Victoria's busy with her great, you know, fashion line. Mel C's doing her own album. And so they gracefully said, 'You three go ahead and do it.' We're girl power, we support each other, so us three went, 'Okay, let's just us three do it.'"

GEM won't replace their fellow Spice Girls, but they'll Mel B would love to bring guests onstage, whether it's Adele (yup, the ladies saw that Carpool Karaoke "Wannabe" singalong) or a one-two punch of James Corden (Cocky Spice) and Michael Sheen (Old Spice). She also didn't have any details about the nature of the reunion, but said, "We are gonna do something, us three. Like, we're gonna perform and celebrate, you know, together, for the people." Also, whatever kicks off will kick off in London.

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