The Significance of Each BTS Member Having Their Own Solo Song on 'Wings'

Creating a successful, long-lasting, seven-member boy band is no easy task. More than three years after their debut on the K-pop scene, BTS is ascending a major peak in their careers with their second full-length album Wings looking poised to break records in America.

While it's great to be riding high off the current success, it's equally important to set groundwork to ensure future success for the band and all of its members. This is where Wings shines in not only creating an impressive, full body of work for the group, but also in giving each member his own chance to shine.

In their three years, BTS has shied away from full-fledged solo or unit releases (common with K-pop acts), instead allowing leader Rap Monster and rapper Suga to drop mixtapes for an unhinged way to express themselves (the James Brown sample in Suga's "Agust D" song was probably way too expensive to officially clear for an album, but is a blazing mixtape cut). Importantly, these tapes didn't allow for the larger musical spotlight to be taken away from the main BTS group and only enhanced the overall thirst to see the seven guys back in action together.