October 21, 2016


Justin Bieber vs. Concertgoers: 'I Don’t Need to Talk, I’m Just Trying to Engage'

On Monday in Birmingham, England, Justin Bieber had a situation on his hands. He wanted to chat a little, maybe impart some motivation unto his faithful Beliebers; his fans just wanted to scream like they were auditioning for a Never Say Never remake. 

On Thursday in Manchester, same deal, only with a little more humor. Bieber entered into a bit of canned concert-speak, saying:

"The reason why it’s called the Purpose Tour is 'cause I believe everybody in this building has a purpose. No matter how old you are, no matter how young you are, no matter—there’s really no stipulations, y'all have a purpose. And I just wanted to remind you, 'cause sometimes we can forget, like, ‘Why am I here? What’s my purpose?’ And sometimes it’s like, ‘Man, I don’t even know what my purpose is.'”

But again, the screaming. And instead of asking the kids to "take a chill pill for a second and just listen to me speak" and opining that screaming is "so obnoxious," he offered up his microphone, and then his silence:

“Do you wanna take the...you can talk if you want. If you guys wanna take this moment and—I just thought I could have a moment of, you know, trying to say something. But if not, I’ll just get to singing, if you guys don’t wanna hear me speak. I don't mind cutting the bullshit, 'cause I don’t need to talk, I’m just trying to engage. But if you guys don’t want to do that, then I'll just—we can just play the music. This is my purpose."

The Daily Mail says that earlier in the show Bieber asked fans to "stay as quiet as possible" while he played "Cold Water" and "Love Yourself" on his acoustic guitar.

Bieber's Purpose World Tour kicked off March 9, 2016 and runs steadily in Europe through Nov. 29. In March 2017 he'll do five more dates in Australia and New Zealand. Maybe he and Lorde can have a vent sesh.