October 14, 2016


'Don't Wanna Know' Video: Watch Maroon 5's 'Pokemon Go'–Inspired, Celeb-Filled Visual

Only two days ago, Maroon 5 returned to the music scene with "Don't Wanna Know" featuring Kendrick Lamar. While the "King Kunta" rapper doesn't appear in the accompanying video to the tropical new single, there are loads of surprises in the accompanying visual.

Watch "Don't Wanna Know" and see Adam Levine starring in a world where he, his band mates and a few celebrity pals play Pokémon Go–inspired creatures that the world is eager to capture on their phones. The video's got appearances from Vince Vaughn, The Office favorite Ed Helms and Sarah Silverman playing Levine's adorable love interest. 

Despite the sonic changeup for the band, "Don't Wanna Know" looks like it's shaping up to be another hit for the Maroon 5 guys as sits pretty atop the the iTunes Top Songs chart as of press time. No doubt the star-studded, very timely video keep interest high.

Get your #FBF on with a classic Fuse interview with the band on Steven's Untitled Rock Show where the guys slam the music charts: