December 6, 2016


Seventeen Highlights Their Strengths With Dynamic New Single 'BoomBoom': Watch the Video

Seventeen are making sure to end their already strong 2016—that's included big-selling albums and their first U.S. performance—on an even stronger note with a new single and EP before year's end. 

The 13-member boy band returns with "BoomBoom," a funk-driven anthem to lead off their new EP Going Seventeen. Like past releases "Mansae" and "Very Nice," Seventeen's latest track mixes a light, boyish charm with speckles of heavy, masculine aggression. The combination makes for a fun sonic blend as member Woozi opens the chorus lightheartedly crooning before it shifts to a punchy chant that ends with Mingyu purring to the listener, "You got me like boom-boom, boom-boom."

The song showcases many members as it moves from one dynamic section to another, including rap-focused parts and sections that require heavy vocals. The music video also does a good job at making sure all 13 guys get to shine; no easy task, mind you. The visual sees the boys attempting to pull off an elaborate heist requiring them to master surveillance equipment, dodge laser security technology and fly drones. The scenes are sequenced alongside the band's now-signature impressive dance moves that sees tons of fascinating formations and eye-popping moves that makes the large group seem in-sync and complete.

Authenticity is sometimes rare in K-pop, but one can't help feel something extra here.

"BoomBoom" is the lead single off the band's new Going Seventeen EP which boasts an impressive eight new tracks. From the lush, EDM-inspired standout "Highlight" to the gorgeous mid-tempo "Don't Listen in Secret," the record is yet another outstanding release. Perhaps most notably, the members contribute songwriting and production credits on every song, with member Woozi writing a few on his own. Authenticity is sometimes rare in K-pop, but one can't help but feel something extra is packed into this release which audiences seem to be particularly responding with the accompanying music video snagging more than two million views in 24 hours and the album is already riding high on the U.S. iTunes Top Albums chart.

Listen to Going Seventeen on Apple Music now and below watch Ailee discuss her love of Seventeen: