January 19, 2017


Netflix Won't Revive the Canceled 'Girl Meets World': Report

Tony Rivetti/Disney Channel via Getty Images
Tony Rivetti/Disney Channel via Getty Images

A week ago, news arrived that the suddenly canceled Girl Meets World could very likely live on after its days on Disney XD. Today, The Wrap says Netflix will not be picking up the sitcom-sequel.

"There’s no word yet if Hulu or another platform may pick up the show though Netflix will not be its savior," the site writes, citing an anonymous source. On Twitter, the writer who broke the story, Linda Ge, speculates that the no-Netflix scoop could be "because someone else has already picked it up for all we know."

A fan page, Save Girl Meets World, says "we encourage and implore everyone to start focusing harder on Hulu and to begin working on Amazon."

Creator Michael Jacobs (also of Boy Meets World) previously told TVLine, "I can tell you it’s because of the audience’s reaction to the cancellation that there is interest in other places." He added that he, his staff and the cast were fully prepared for a fourth season.  "That’s the way we set it up," he told The Wrap. "It was going to be a remarkable final year."

Almost immediately following news of Girl Meets World's potential continuation, it was revealed that the Season 3 finale—the series finale, as of now—will be the site of a huge Boy Meets World reunion. See who's participating here, then watch Rider Strong (y'know, Shawn Hunter?!) tell us why the show's legacy endures: