January 5, 2017


Rowan Blanchard's Long Letter After 'Girl Meets World' Cancellation Is Truly Touching

Mike Windle/Getty Images for WE Day
Mike Windle/Getty Images for WE Day

Update (1/13): Following its Disney Channel cancelation, Girl Meets World may live on somewhere else! Read why creator Michael Jacobs thinks so right here.

Original story (1/5): Disney Channel gave Girl Meets World the ax on Wednesday night after speculation from the show's stars and writers made headlines last week. The show, which was modeled after the '90s hit sitcom Boy Meets World, will air its last episodes this month, ending its three-season run.

Girl Meets World's star, Rowan Blanchard (who also happens to be our favorite feminist and philosopher), wrote a letter to fans in the wake of the news, commemorating what she accomplished on the show and paying homage to the family the cast and crew created.

She mentions the "mourning and heartbreak and overjoyment" on set and the grief they shared after the death of their on-set tutor, Kate Edwards. She subtly shades Disney Channel's decision as well, writing, "I will continue to fight to not be talked down to by the shows and books and movies that are aimed toward us. I am sorry that this channel is just not able to understand that."

Read the full letter:

Fellow young thespian Sabrina Carpenter, who plays Blanchard's BFF on the show, also posted a tribute on her Twitter account, quoting the legendary Federico Fellini.

Watch Rider Strong reflect on Boy Meets World's legacy today: