April 5, 2017


'Transformers' Franchise Already Has 14 More 'Stories' Written, Michael Bay Says

Paramount Pictures
Paramount Pictures

Is the Transformers empire about to start putting out more movies than Marvel or Star Wars? More than Marvel and Star Wars combined?

We already know three new movies will arrive annually in June starting with this summer's fifth entry, Transformers: The Last Knight. (2018 is a Bumblebee spinoff; No. 8 is confirmed but doesn't have a release date.) Now Michael Bay Leaf has spiced up the situation again with a sprinkle of his classic Let's Amp This Shit WAY UP™ seasoning, telling MTV's Josh Horowitz, "There are 14 stories written. And there’s good stuff." 

The response came as Bay was asked if he'll truly stop directing Transformers after this year's The Last Knight. He's helmed every entry since the franchise hit the big screen in 2007. "I would like to do one of them, though," he told Horowitz. "A Transformers spinoff."

Watch a new, female-power-centric trailer for The Last Knight here, then wander New York Comic Con with a rookie and a veteran: