July 26, 2017


Selena Gomez's 'Fetish' Video: Watch the Singer Lose Her Mind in the Name of Love

Selena Gomez makes it clear that she's a transformed pop star and no longer your Disney princess in her video for "Fetish," her new single featuring Gucci Mane. Directed by Petra Collins, it finds the singer continuing to impressively push her visual boundaries for something quite visceral and raw.

The video begins seemingly innocent, with Gomez donning a dingy canary-yellow housedress while walking with her groceries down a suburban sidewalk. Things soon take a turn as she hazily gazes into the sunlight and dives deep into all her fetishes caused by intense love. Watch above as the popstress nibbles on just about everything (soap, lipstick, wine-soaked glass) and locks herself in an industrial freezer filled with peaches. The end result is artful, tense and so unlike the Selena Gomez we're used to—which is an incredible feat.

"Fetish" was produced by Jonas Jeberg (for Big Noize Productions LLC) & The Futuristics. It comes after the cheeky, Talking Heads-sampling "Bad Liar." There's still no release date for her upcoming third album (the follow-up to 2015's Revival), but songwriter Justin Tranter describes it as "very sexy, very smart and right where we left off the last time.”

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