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Eminem's New 'Revival' Album: 6 Things We'd Love to Hear From the Rapper

Will 'Revival' feature more of the same, or music and lyrics that see Eminem grow as an artist?

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After releasing his Beyoncé collaboration “Walk on Water,” people had an inkling Eminem had something big coming, and he just recently confirmed the news that a new album was finally coming...and sooner than most people realized. Revival, the GRAMMY and Oscar winner’s ninth album, is slated to drop in less than month, and there are a few things we’d love to hear on his first full-length in four years.

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A Big Crossover Pop Hit

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He’s definitely a serious rapper and a hip-hop icon at this point, but Eminem always manages to place at least one song on every album that becomes a hit with pop-loving crowds. From older tunes like “Without Me” and “Stan” to more recent Rihanna collaborations “Love The Way You Lie” and “The Monster,” he knows how to craft a hook for Top 40 radio, and it’s almost a sure thing there’s a banger coming soon.

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Smarter Language

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Eminem has never seemed to concern himself with what words people find offensive, and even in today’s more politically correct culture, he’s still up to his old tricks. On his new single “Walk on Water,” he raps the line "Kids look to me as a god, this is retarded / If only they know it's a facade," and while the song might be good, it’s unnecessary and lazy for him to continue to employ such derogatory terms. Do better, Em.

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A Little Less Anger

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We get it, you’re angry. Furiousness has become something of a staple of Eminem’s style, and while it’s great when musicians stick to what they’re known for and what they’re best at, everybody should change things up every once in a while, right? Eminem has been spitting lines violently for years now, and a little less of that singular tone would be welcome.

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Brutal Honesty

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On lead Revival track “Walk on Water,” the hip-hop mogul opens up to his massive fan base in a way he’s never done before, revealing that while he is rather boastful in his songs, he’s actually rather insecure as a person. He questions everything he does and every move he makes in his career, and since that type of honesty is rare in hip-hop, we’d love to see more of it.

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More Collaborations with Pop Stars

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He might be one of the most respected rappers in the game, but Eminem doesn’t only work with other hip-hop staples. He’s known to collaborate with chart-topping pop stars every once in a while, and those songs are often some of the most entertaining on his records. In the past, he’s worked with Pink, Rihanna, Gwen Stefani, and Nate Ruess from fun., and it will be fun to see who ends up on Revival.

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More Trump Takedowns

BET via YouTube

Before he officially launched into promoting his upcoming album, Eminem delivered a cypher at the 2017 BET Hip-Hop Awards that shocked many, as it was the most political moment of the rapper’s career. In his track, he calls out our current president, and he doesn’t pull any punches, absolutely eviscerating the commander-in-chief. Hopefully, Revival features more of the rapper insulting the leader of the free world, because he does it so well.

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