December 6, 2017


Story of The Year Goes Track-by-Track Through New 'Wolves' Album: Exclusive Premiere

The remnants of my inner teen emo girl shrieked with excitement upon hearing that Story of the Year were ready to release new music this year. "Story Of The Year is alive and ready to fucking destroy everything in 2017," they said in an exciting announcement last fall.

Today (Dec. 6), Fuse is thrilled to premiere the band's new album Wolves that you can enjoy above, which marks their first record since 2010's The Constant. It is their most personal record thus far, digging through themes of fear, fatherhood and questioning if the band should've reunited. Along with the album stream, we spoke with frontman Dan Marsala, who broke down every song's meaning and recording process. "Yeah we had all those thoughts. The Constant was in 2010 and we’d been on tour for eight or nine years constantly. After that record came out we knew we had to take a break," he tells me when asked if they ever thought of just ending the band and not coming back.

"It wasn’t purposeful but we needed to get away from each other and just see what happens and try some side projects. We didn’t intend for it to be a seven-year break before another record would come out. It was never the right time, but about a year ago we were ready to do it again. I feel rejuvenated and ready for this record than I’ve ever felt in a very long time. It was worth it." He continued,

"Surprisingly it was not at all a nervous process. I didn’t really care if people liked the songs or not, as long as we were into what we were doing. I’ve come to find that I just write music for myself. It’s a very personal thing now. In the past, it was always about trying to win people over and chase a trend. There’s always some reason why you might right shitty music, for a lack of a better term. The older I get, I do exactly what I want. And I write songs the way I want to. I think that will translate and connect with people more anyway."

Click through for Dan Marsala's track-by-track analysis while enjoying Story of the Year's new Wolves album exclusively on Fuse here!


FUSE: This one definitely sets the tone of the album. It sounds like someone running in the woods!
Story of the Year: Early on, Ryan [Philips] had the idea to make the album more cinematic. We didn’t necessarily want it to all coincide with the lyrics but we wanted a good visual to go with the record. It kind of made sense to bring that audio urgency to the beginning of the record to set the tone for the visual side. We came up with it last minute and thought it would be really cool. 

The album cover itself has this Stranger Things vibe to it with you guys riding your bikes in the woods.
Yeah we’re definitely of that older age group from the ‘80s and early ‘90s. So that whole throwback nostalgia thing is really cool to us. It’s something that makes you feel good without you really knowing why you feel good.

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