Last night's Top 20 Countdown featured host Esteban Serrano coming at viewers from Seattle's PAX Prime gaming convention. He was there to test out the debut of Fantasia: Music Evolved, a new video game that allows players to experience music in a brand-new way, and to talk with some of the key figures behind the making of the game. 

In the video above, Esteban sits down with legendary producer Eddie Kramer–the man responsible for Jimi Hendrix's "Fire"–and ask him how he ended up working on Fantasia. "I had a look at one of the earlier versions of the game and it just blew me away," Kramer said. 

While Kramer says he made sure to not "mess with history" when it came to re-arranging "Fire" for the game, he was excited about the opportunity for younger music listeners to experience the song for the first time in a way that would have been unimaginable years ago. He also hopes young gamers will become more interested in music and the way it works, leading to more people wanting to become producers and engineers. 

Below, you can watch a clip of Esteban trying his own hand at the game–which lets players remix and re-arrange songs by artists featured on Fuse's Top 20 Countdown as well as classic tracks by acts like Elton John, Queen and more. Read more about the game here.

Finally, Esteban was able to sit down composer Inon Zur, whose talents have been featured on the soundtracks of many video games. "Here, the music is in the foreground," he says in the video below. While many games have music in the background, he relished the opportunity to work on a game where music was the primary focus. "I had to understand what the real needs were to create this in a way that people would appreciate."

Fantasia: Music Evolved is out on October 21 for Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Tune into Top 20 Countdown every Tuesday at 9/8c.