October 5, 2012


Deadmau5: "I Hate the Dubstep Sound"

When he's not collaborating with Ryan Adams or hanging out with My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way, electro-house producer Deadmau5 is doing one of two things: filling arenas or talking smack. We sat down with the 31-year-old DJ/producer for a wide-ranging talk on EDM, his new release Album Title Goes Here and the ups and downs of fame. Watch the full video above, but first read some highlights:

On Dubstep:
"I don’t hate it for the culture. I love it for the culture. I don’t hate it for the artists. I hate it for the sound. It is a 'F-ck you' to every audio engineer in the world because these kids go out and they want it loud, loud, loud. You got a volume knob for that, dude. And if it’s not loud enough, buy an amp and some better speakers. It’s interesting to see what has happened in dance music because of the lack of engineering brought into it as opposed to just what’s sh-t hot."

On Fame:
"It’s good to be appreciated… but sometimes you do have these thoughts like, “Wow, is all this really necessary?” I’m not curing f-cking cancer. A lot of it seems silly and unwarranted, but the more you’re subjected to it, the more you feel you have to play along with anyway."

On His New Release Album Title Goes Here:
"I got to get out of doing dance music on a couple of tracks which was refreshing for me because I just enjoy working on projects be it rap or ambient stuff or glitch. It was good to get out of my bubble of being a four-four pounder guy."

On the Rise of EDM:
"It opened up a lot of doors for who I want to work with, but at the same time, it just doesn’t mean it’s all open season and I’ll just go work with whoever I want for maximum exposure. If that was the case, me and Lady Gaga would have three singles. It’s just not a route I wanted to go. But the fact that it’s possible for a dance act to work with pop stars is a riot."