Ne-Yo on Why His New Album 'R.E.D.' Stands for "Realizing Every Dream"

Earlier, we told you about Ne-Yo's latest collaborations with Jay-Z and Beyonce, but now it's time to focus on the man himself. The singer/producer stopped by the Fuse studio to discuss his upcoming album R.E.D.,set for release November 6. On November 5, tune in to Fuse for the Ne-Yo Takeover, followed at 5 pm for "Fuse Live: Ne-Yo," a live stream concert on our YouTube channel straight from the Fuse studio.

Some highlights, though, from the video above:

On Why His Album Stands For "Realizing Every Dream": "This album is a celebration of the fact that from 9 years old, when I decided that music was going to be my life, every dream and aspiration and goal that I’ve set for myself from then to now had been realized and all through the power of music." 

On the New Direction of “Let Me Love You”: "The fans are digging it. The crazy thing is my R&B fans are digging it as well. The song has gotten such good response all over the world. I want to say thank you to my R&B fans for being open-minded enough to even allow me to move from R&B into pop. But I would never abandon R&B. It’s where I came from."

On His Next Single: There are the absolute R&B songs. There are the absolute pop songs. And then they’re the ones that fall in the middle of everything. I think the next single out might be one that falls in the middle of everything and trying to bring everybody all in one accord.

Check out the video for the full interview.