November 2, 2012


Ben Gibbard Reinvents Himself as Rock Bad Boy in New Video

If there's one thing that Death Cab for Cutie frontman Ben Gibbard is not, it's a bad boy. Which is why the premise for his new music video, from his solo debut Former Lives, is so damn hilarious. Gibbard undergoes a makeover into an Ed Hardy-sporting bad boy at the behest of a sales-hungry label exec. The name of the song: "Teardrop Window." It just seethes danger, right? It's charming, however, to see Ben joking around with his image.

So Ben is given a bad boy checklist: get arrested, get a bad tattoo, get a reality show. I won't spoil it, but the results are hilarious. Comedian Kurt Braunohler stars as the glad-hanging label ex, while Joan Hiller, the Riot Act publicist and painter extraordinaire, plays a character in Gibbard's reality show. The overall gist here: No matter what, Gibbs will never, ever, ever be a bad boy. Ever. Ever. Ever.