January 25, 2013


50 Cent Explains Gold-Plated, Gun-Toting Stroller in "Major Distribution" Video

Fuse recently hit up 50 Cent at G-Unit headquarters and spoke with the Street King Immortal about "Major Distribution," his just-dropped video featuring Snoop Dogg, Young Jeezy, an MMG chain and a gold-plated stroller with a gun attached to it. 

"With music videos and performance-based videos, I like to have little vignettes and things that become conversation pieces," 50 tells Fuse of the expensive, heavily-armed stroller. 

According to Fif, the image is related to "experiences I had come from decisions my mom made earlier in my life. If you allow a child to make adult decisions before they're capable of being responsible for their own actions… it can make you move toward the wrong direction on some level."

But even if the story behind the stroller is more complex than you'd expect, the G-Unit chief didn't mince words when he talked about the overall aim of his clip. "A music video is a four-minute commercial," 50 tells Fuse. "It doesn't just sell the song itself, it sells everything in it. [Which is why] the participation of attractive women is necessary on some level, if the song warrants it."

To hear Fif explain why an MMG gold chain pops up in his music video, watch the full interview above. And for the rundown of what's holding up Street King Immortal—hint: new features—watch our other 50 Cent interview over here.