January 4, 2013


Cee Lo's Las Vegas Show 'Loberace' Will "Blow Your Mind"

Beginning in late February, The Voice judge Cee Lo Green will add another hyphen to his multi-hyphenated-ness with the launch of Loberace in Las Vegas. Cee Lo is confident about the possibility the program will blow minds, advising guests to expect "sh*ts and giggles, hot girls, glamor and fame, smoke, mirrors, unicorns."

Asked if he's got any Super Bowl halftime performing advice for Beyonce, the man who appeared alongside Madonna in 2012 acknowledges Bey is a consummate professional and probably doesn't require advice from just about anyone.

Green goes on to talk about his scripted prospects at NBC, saying a pleasantly surprising script for a series about his life just rolled in. "It's about a better balance of personal and professional life," he says, digging into the difficulties of fame and family.

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