February 25, 2013


It Was Ke$ha's Idea to Party With Plushies in "C'Mon" Video (Of Course)

Pop's wild child, Ke$ha, took time at NBA All-Star Weekend to give us the scoop on her latest video, songwriting process, dating advice for Taylor Swift and more. Read on for her candid answers:

On How to Make A Great Pop Song
I think at the root of every great pop is just a well written song. That’s why it took me so long to make Warrior and write Warrior  because I really wanted to write songs that even if you break them down and sing them with nothing, total a cappella, they’ll sound like an amazing song. So no matter how many bells and whistles you put on any of it, that the root of it is a well-crafted song. I think it’s exciting to play songs in one form. Like crazy, dance, party anthem. And then hear it on [acoustic EP] Deconstructed.

On Creating Her “C’Mon” Video
I really am hyper-involved in everything to the point of probably being really obnoxious. I’m involved in the styling, in the whole concept of the video. They wanted to be partying with people. I said "No, I will only be partying with people in weird furry outfits."

On Giving Taylor Swift Dating Advice
Well, I think actually she should probably give me some dating advice. At least the guys she dates have jobs. And cars. So, I wouldn’t really give her any advice, I would ask for some.