June 24, 2013


Watch Wale & Jerry Seinfeld's Hilariously Awkward Studio Session

For several months, we've been trying to wrap our heads around the idea of this hip hop collabo between D.C. spitter Wale and sitcom comedy legend Jerry Seinfeld. Now the universe has gifted us with this confounding behind-the-scenes glimpse into their studio time together. 

Filmed in April 2013, this footage shows Wale and Seinfeld recording an exchange that will be used in the "Outro About Nothing" on the former's upcoming album The Gifted. For their song/skit, Seinfeld feigns confusion about what he's doing (or not doing) on their rap collabo while Wale stonewalls him. If anything, this is more accurately described as an anti-collaboration: The apropos of nothing dialogue is drier than the subtlest Curb Your Enthusiasm scene.

Watch the magic begin at 1:43. And in case you're wondering about the veracity of Wale's claim earlier in the video—he says Seinfeld is on "another level of success" even compared to Jay-Z—the kid is right. Jay's net worth is $500 million—yep, half a billion—but Seinfeld's wealth measures up to $800 million

Either way, that means I chose the wrong career.