July 22, 2013


Watch Kanye West's Official "Black Skinhead" Video

Earlier this month, an unfinished version of Kanye West's video for "Black Skinhead" was accidentally released, causing (presumably) at least one intern to be roasted alive on a spit and West himself to go on a Kubler-Ross rollercoaster of emotion.

Yeezy premiered the official version of the video Sunday night via an unexpected tweet announcement one hour before its release. The video looks simliar to the leaked draft, with the noted addition of three figures in black KKK-esque hooded masks at the beginning of the video. And for fans of animated nudity: Kanye kept his, uh, impressive below-the-belt accessory from the original vid.

The video, directed by West and Lady Gaga collaborator Nick Knight, replaces your cursor with an outstretched middle finger and allows viewers to speed up and slow down the video using your +/- buttons.

West released an official statement about the video, noting its other numerous interactive features. "Users can capture or 'photograph' still images of the video's compelling imagery," notes the statement. "Image captures can be synched, posted and shared across all online and mobile social platforms for a unique secondary experience of the traditional music video."

The full statement's here:

Watch "Black Skinhead" at Kanyewest.com.