July 26, 2013


Selena Gomez on Being a Role Model: "It's Tricky, It's a Thin Line"

Though we think Selena Gomez is the cutest thing to come out of the Disney camp ever, not everyone feels that way. After the actress/singer took a sexy role in Harmony Korine's racy film Spring Breakers, Gomez faced some backlash from parents claiming the former teen star is pushing the envelope.

When Fuse News recently sat down with Selena, the "Come & Get It" singer opened up about what it's like growing up in front of her young audience and finding the balance between being a role model, turning 21 and choosing more controversial roles. "It's so tricky, because it's such a thin line. Honestly, I respect my younger audience so much, it's just been a connection that I've always wanted to keep... But at the same time, I am 21, I have to grow... I do want to do things that are kind of appropriate but still something I can do for me, creatively."

Selena continued, "Knock on wood, I just keep doing the best I can... Sometimes the film choices may be for an older audience, but [Spring Breakers] is not the only movie I'm gonna do. I'll hopefully get to do some other ones that people can all enjoy."

Taylor Swift's "sister" also shares what it's like living with her parents, her favorite song on her new album Stars Dance and advice for young girls who want to be a pop star. "You have to be passionate about it. My mom always tells me, 'The moment this isn't fun for you, let's just go home.'"