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July 24, 2013


Metal Sextet We Came as Romans Return to 'Roots' on 3rd Album

Like clockwork, Michigan metalcore outfit We Came as Romans have dropped an album every two years: 2009's To Plant a Seed, 2011's Understanding What We've Grown to Be (which hit No. 21 on the Billboard 200) and now Tracing Back Roots, which hit retailers just yesterday. Fuse recently caught up with the six-member band to talk about combining the heaviness of past material with more accessible, radio-ready sounds on Tracing Back Roots.

"The name of the record explains itself," singer Kyle Pavone says of Tracing Back Roots. "We went back towards our roots, but also went in a new direction at the same time. We have heavy songs, but also more radio-friendly songs."

The group—who recorded a kickass metal cover of the Wanted's "Glad You Came"—also say that the creepy album cover represents the band's growth. "The guy in the tree is grabbing his roots from under and reaching towards the sky," explains bassist Andy Glass. "He's taking what he learned and taking a step forward. It's the same as our album. We've taken what we've learned, applied it and moved forward with it."

Watch the interview above for more on the band's artistic progression and to get their Warped Tour survival tips. And don't miss Fuse's Warped Tour coverage!