August 12, 2013


HAIM Break Their Boyfriends' Hearts in "The Wire" Video

HAIM might be the indie crush band of 2013, but moonstruck male listeners should remain wary if they ever encounter the sister-trio in the flesh: They're heart-breakers. At least that's what we witness in the video for "The Wire," their latest glam rock-influenced single.

In a clip that's both hysterical and pointed, the Californian siblings dump their respective BFs without a second thought, leaving their exes—one of whom is played by the Lonely Island's Jorma Taccone—in overwrought fits of tears.

As the girls move on with their lives, their blubbering exes pour over old birthday cards, left-behind underwear and rejected engagement rings before joining forces to attempt a final reconciliation.

Spoiler Alert: HAIM are too smart to make a video that's just about getting back with your man. After all, given the abundance of lovelorn/desperate ladies in music videos, it's a relief to see women who casually & confidently leave a relationship. It's defiantly unromantic and better for it.

Watch it above and get ready for Days Are Gone, their studio debut dropping September 30.