January 2, 2014


Ke$ha Strips Down to Bra & Thong in "Dirty Love" Video

BREAKING NEWS » Ke$ha Enters Rehab

If Ke$ha's new "Dirty Love" video is any indication of her upcoming year, we're going to be talking a lot about everyone's favorite pee-drinking pop star

In the new video, Ke$ha performs a titillating striptease for the camera, as the 26-year-old unzips her leather shorts, shreds apart her T-shirt and then proceeds to perform the can-can with two hairy dudes in lingerie. Can't make this stuff up, people.

As the singer noted on Twitter, "Dirty Love" is Ke$ha's's directorial debut. "And truth is, this is my fave song off my record," said the singer. "Cheers to this year being the best year ever. 2014 gon be the year of truth and freedom."

The last part of the tweet could possibly raise eyebrows after Ke$ha told Rolling Stone she doesn't have much creative control and her collabo album with the Flaming Lips was cancelled, likely a result of said lack of control

Also of note: The song was originally a duet with Stooges frontman Iggy Pop, but the proto-punk icon's verse was removed here. 

Whatever "the best year ever" holds for Ke$ha, we'll eagerly await whatever she puts out. If this new vid has you yearning for more of classic, kooky Ke$ha, check out the Warrior singer's 22 most outrageous looks here.