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February 24, 2014


Would Ylvis Give Their Mom a Horrible Flu for $500,000?

In last week's debut episode of Fuse's new digital series Hypothetically, we found out who Icona Pop would switch bodies with. Now we're picking the brains of hilarious brother duo Ylvis. And while the siblings sure seem close—how much fun are they having in their "What Does the Fox Say?" video?!?—apparently Mama Ylvis isn't as highly regarded.

When we asked the Norwegian comedic duo if they'd give their mom a horrible two-week flu for $500,000, both brothers quickly responded with yeses. "I'd do it for free," younger brother Bard Ylvisaker says, before big bro Vegard decides that they could do it for $200. But not to be one-upped by his older brother, Bard countered with, "I'd give her a flu for life until she gets so old that the flu would actually kill her. So around 70 the flu would eventually go away and she'd just be old." Aww... so sweet!

Watch the full interview above to find out why Bard thinks a punch in the face every morning would improve his life, if they'd rather be one foot or 20 feet tall and more answers to hypothetical questions. 

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