Slash Says Andre 3000 "Has the Swagger" to Play Jimi Hendrix

Even though he isn't performing at SXSW 2014, Andre 3000 is still the talk of the festival. The Jimi Hendrix biopic he stars in, Jimi: All Is By My Sidepremiered last night to rave reviews from critics. While we're happy to hear the critics praise 'Dre, we wanted to get an actual guitar legend's thoughts. 

Fuse News' Georgie Okell scoped out Slash to find out whether he thought the OutKast singer/rapper could do Hendrix justice.

"If anyone has the look or has the swagger, it's him," the former Guns N' Roses member says. "If anyone’s going to do that, it's him. I'm interested to see what Andre's take on Hendrix is going to be."

Watch the interview above to find out about Slash's inaugural app-creation contest Slashathon and when we can expect his new record. For all the biggest SXSW stories, tune in to Fuse Friday at 7/6c for Fuse@SXSW for our nightly report from Austin.
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