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April 14, 2014


Aussie Producer Flume Knows the Difference Between US & UK Crowds

Flume is a superstar in his native Australia. The EDM wiz kid beat out One Direction for the No. 1 album in his home country and he continues to make inroads elsewhere, evidenced this past weekend by his first Coachella appearance. After he finished his set, the 22-year-old producer/DJ told Fuse the key difference he's noticed between American and European concertgoers. 

"When I come to the U.S., I usually get more into the hip hop-y style tracks a bit," he says, likely referring to his 2013 mixtape that features Killer Mike, Ghostface Killah and more. "I'll be playing stuff, I'll drop something that's got a heavy hip hop feel to it and you can just see the room move. In the U.S., it just works. It's cool and it's good fun."

But across the pond, the Aussie says the crowds respond to his experimental sound. He adds, "When I'm in the UK or Europe, I'm doing more of the weird, beats-y stuff. It depends!" 

Watch the full interview above for Flume's thoughts on his first Coachella set, teaming up with Ghostface Killah and more. 

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