July 25, 2014


2 Chainz Recreates Michael Jackson's "Thriller" in New "Freebase" Video

2 Chainz has crafted a modern-day dedication to what's arguably the most famous music video ever—Michael Jackson's "Thriller," duh. His just-unleashed "Freebase" vid tributes MJ's classic visual complete with zombies, leather jackets and the iconic "Thriller" dance. 

Watch above as the Atlanta MC kicks off the vid with a recreation of the same scene that began "Thriller"--2 Chainz's convertible runs out of gas leading him to stroll with his girl in the moonlight. After the beat kicks in, 2 Chainz rocks a red-leather jacket and later turns into a zombie himself to break it down with a herd of the walking dead. 

We admit that it's a little weird seeing zombies do the iconic dance to anything other than the MJ tune, but it's also kind of cool to see them clapping to a 2 Chainz beat.

And just in case any fans are turned off by the tribute, Chainz included a message at the opening: "This video is for entertainment purposes only and dedicated to one of my favorite artists. In no kind of way is it our intent to disrespect the legacy of the greatest entertainer of all time."